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Comprehensive software solutions that transform your business results.

Are you getting everything you need from your technology?

Nearly every planning and business intelligence tool on the market today has the same fundamental flaw: it was created by people who have never sat in your chair and do not understand the business challenges you face. Our goal isn’t to sell you software; it’s to provide you with comprehensive software solutions that transform your business results.

Turn your data into actionable information!

Comprehensive Business Intelligence tools transform disparate data into relevant and meaningful information, giving you a strategic advantage!

Plan your future with confidence!

Web-planning modules that help drive accountability and “continuous” feedback to the people responsible for delivering the results. (Bottom-up & top-down)

A scalable cloud-based Data Mart that captures, structures, & harmonizes your information from multiple internal & external feeds such as ERP’s, CRM’s & more!


Business Intelligence

  • Dynamic Cubes
  • Dashboards
  • Web-based Reporting

Planning & Forecasting

  • Finance Planning & Budgeting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Procurement Planning
  • Trade Management

Data Warehouse

  • Security Management
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Scenario Managment
  • Allocation Management
ERP Platforms EBM Software supports:
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