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You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive.

So why would you consider an investment in a CPM without a “test drive”? EBM Software offers a FREE Proof of Concept (or POC) to companies to assess the viability of our software solution to solve their particular business need. Typically our POCs are able to be completed within two weeks or less (based on company’s ability to provide necessary information).

What the POC entails:

  • Allow the EBM Software team to setup a Catalyst instance using your company’s data and structure
  • Test drive the Catalyst CPM suite with data that you use everyday
  • Experience demos with information that is meaningful to you and remove the headache of trying to “interpret the data”
  • Take a self-guided tour through the Catalyst suite and experience the power of your own data firsthand

Reasons to participate:

  • Witness the speed of implementation first hand at no cost
  • Remove the risks of buying by experimenting with the Catalyst toolset firsthand
  • Identify specific use cases to solidify the ROI of purchase
  • See how easily Catalyst morphs to align to your business’s structure and the ease of creating a new lens into your existing data
  • Gain hands on experience before buying your new CPM suite

Request a FREE POC!

Catalyst supports these ERP platforms:
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