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The Diligent portfolio management system provides a robust solution to streamline private equity processes and help maximize portfolio returns. Through a sleek web-interface, Diligent allows users to evaluate, oversee and aggregate an unlimited number of companies seamlessly. Diligent is not just a simple consolidation tool or portfolio reporting engine. It is a cradle-to-grave solution for better managing the private equity processes that drive value creation.

It’s Better Diligence FASTR™.

Data Warehouse

The Diligent Data Warehouse consolidates detailed financial and profitability information for even the largest companies into a structured database that is easy to administer with minimal IT involvement. Diligent‘s administrative tools allow super-users to manage data attributes and hierarchies, user/group security, planning scenarios and much, much more.

  • Security & Access Management
  • Hierachy Management
  • Scenario Management
  • Data Extensibility
  • Relationship Management
  • Manual Uploads & Overrides

Dynamic Data Cubes

Best-in-class analytical “Data Cubes” allow companies to slice-and-dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of transactional data to identify important insights and make fact-based decisions. Diligent‘s Dynamic Data Cubes give users at all levels of the organization quick access to secure information needed to better manage their respective responsibilities. The unbreakable Excel pivot table user interface makes training and adoption by even your most reluctant computer users completely stress-free.

  • Dynamic Financial Cube
  • Dynamic Profitability Cube
  • Ad-Hoc & What-IF Analysis
  • User configured dimensions & attributes
  • User Defined Cube Reporting

Planning & Forecasting

The visibility created by the Diligent Cubes, Dashboards and Reporting solutions would not be complete without the accountability driven by its best-in-class planning and forecasting modules. The dream of planning without Excel is now reality. Plan or forecast from the top-down, bottom-up or anywhere in-between, and be confident your estimates have been allocated correctly down to the granularity you need to manage the critical details of your business. Diligent’s comprehensive, web-based financial and profitability planning/forecasting modules are extremely easy-to use, and typically cut cycle times in half with improved accuracy.

  • Financial Planning (Summary Account Planning)
  • Profitability Planning (Customer/Store)
  • Profitability Planning (Item/SKU)
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Web-based integrated suite

The NEW Diligent Office Bridge

The NEW Diligent Office Bridge provides customizable, filterable and updateable Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Templates that connect directly to the Diligent Data Warehouse. The proprietary Office Bridge datasets and templates allow users to fully automate the important, but time-consuming tasks of creating and updating key financial/operational presentation materials and recurring reports. The Office Bridge’s link to the data warehouse ensures accurate information and the Microsoft Office suite allows users the ability to format, edit or personalize as needed.

  • Dataset Manager
  • External Data Upload Tool
  • Templates for Word, PowerPoint & Excel
  • Built-in Data Security

Web-based Reporting

Web-reports complete Diligent‘s impressive reporting toolset. As the most standardized of the Diligent reporting and analysis tools, Web-reports offer a great option for getting information to large groups or ensuring consistency every time. Diligent comes with a full set of standard financial and profitability reports that users can view on screen, print, download or email as required. The reports can also be filtered, subscribed to or saved as a user favorite.

  • Financial & Profitability Report Sets (3 Scenario, Calendarized, MQYF, Pivot)
  • TTM & Variance Scenarios
  • On Demand ME Close
  • Web-Based & Dynamic Filters
  • Exports to Excel, Word, & PDF


“Pictures are worth a thousand words” and the Diligent dashboards do not disappoint. Completely customizable and distributable to an unlimited user-base, the Diligent dashboards can be deployed via the Diligent website or through our mobile apps. The robust dashboards integrate seamlessly with the Diligent data warehouse, Excel or other legacy systems to create a complete solution. The interactive and drillable dashboard buttons, gauges, maps, sliders, and charts can transform static KPIs into truly actionable measures.

  • Data Visualization
  • Intuitive with flexible analytics
  • What-if Analysis
  • Mobile enabled – access anytime – anywhere

Diligent supports ERP Platform:
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