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Maintaining and growing profitability requires staying in front of the value curve.

Are you ready to catch the wave and get ahead of the value curve?

The value curve. It occurs when financial performance dips during, and for a period after a company is acquired. Why? During the acquisition, management time is diverted from running the business and post-acquisition the new strategy takes time to develop and implement. The value curve is common, but can be minimized with better integration planning and financial insights. What’s needed is easy access to details of the acquired company’s performance data including KPI’s as well as the ability to quickly answer questions and prepare ad hoc reports.


of post-merger integrations fail to capture the planned synergies and value.


Integration planning remains the #1 factor to ensure deals will work and valuation issues was considered to be the #1 reason deals failed.


say their deals would be worth less than $500 million as middle market deals are expected to dominate in 2017.

Post Merger Integration: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Integrating two companies remains one of the most difficult aspects of a mergers and acquisitions deal. Most post-merger integrations fail to capture planned synergies and value. Why? Because buyers underestimate…

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value curve

PwC 2017 M&A Integration Survey

In its 20th anniversary, PwC’s M&A Integration survey reveals that as companies do more transformational deals, complexity rises and success increasingly depends on on coordinated leadership over the integration process.

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Value Innovation: The Strategic Logic of High Growth

Most companies focus on matching and beating their rivals. As a result, their strategies tend to take on similar dimensions. What ensues is head-to-head competition based largely on incremental improvements in cost, quality, or both. Innovative companies break free from the pack by staking out a fundamentally new market space…

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