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Operate at peak performance

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, few organizations operate at peak performance. Why? Most companies struggle to find the right balance of process, human resources and technological innovation.

Achieving peak performance isn’t easy, but it can be done. Successful companies today are embracing the concept of a balanced approach combining:

Great People + Great Process + Great Tools = Extraordinary Results


of managers are not engaged, 14% are actively disengaged and only 35% engaged.

– Gallup


of HR professionals gave an “A” in performance management to their organizations.



of organizations continue to use spreadsheets as their primary way to track performance metrics.


Efficient Process

Countless hours are wasted on outdated processes like spreadsheet compilation that are quickly becoming a drain on organizations. A bad process can impede your ability to collect  accurate data, get things done quickly, find opportunities and risks, create action plans and ultimately, achieve a competitive advantage.

As companies grow, one of the unfortunate realties is the development of communication barriers (aka silos). Companies grow and form “divisions”, the very word means divided. In addition to personnel silos, data systems often develop independently and can’t easily talk to each other. Without fluid and reliable information exchanged within an organization, even the best processes are muted.

Technological Innovation

“Innovation is the only way to win.”  – Steve Jobs

Innovation is the engine that drives the growth in every company in all industries. And innovation today is often centered around technological innovation. But too much technology (such as siloed and massive databases) can hinder corporate performance if they are slow and difficult to use.

Which causes many executives to hesitate to add new technology, since they can’t get what they want from the systems they already have in place. Yet innovative technology like Catalyst CPM, is precisely what is required to merge the data from disparate databases to a single source where it can be distilled to provide the insights to effectively drive corporate growth.

Catalyst is a powerful, but easy-to-use CPM solution that unlocks your data so you can unleash your company’s performance. A tool that everyone can use, but no one can break. A single source of the truth so you can rely on facts, not gut instincts. With Catalyst, you can access your KPI’s and accelerate your ROI with a turnkey solution to elevate your business.


To attract top talent, you need to be a company that’s innovative and using the latest technology available. Over achievers are passionate about exceeding expectations. But the smartest employees need the best tools. Even in medium-sized companies, employees can be quickly frustrated if they are hindered by old and slow technology that won’t allow them to make a difference.

Data-driven CPM tools like Catalyst will allow them to spend more time driving the company forward and less time spinning their wheels. A tool that provides instant answers to any question so they can uncover risks and discover opportunities. The visibility and insight to allow extraordinary employees to produce extraordinary results.

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