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The Recipe For Success? Data.

The Recipe for Success? Data.

Facing Increased Competition, Food Brands Turn to Big Data and AI. Innovation within the various food and beverage categories is becoming more mandatory than ever, in the face of fierce competition. In an increasing number of cases, it’s not just…

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Companies Fight Food Waste With Data

Companies Fight Food Waste with Data

Startups Help Restaurants and Grocers Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint. Nearly a third of all the food produced around the globe goes to waste. Just think about that for a second. People in the most developed countries waste over 220…

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Will Record Funding Be A Tipping Point For AI?

Will Record Funding Be A Tipping Point for AI?

Artificial Intelligence is steadily growing to be ubiquitous in modern life. From the way our food is grown to facial recognition technology to deep learning that turns big data into actionable insights, new AI technologies are constantly on the rise.…

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4 Ways To Bridge The Data Accessibility Gap

4 Ways to Bridge the Data Accessibility Gap

Data today is a lot like gunpowder once was. There are haves and have-nots, and when they go head-to-head, the have-nots are in a lot of trouble. But unlike gunpowder, data is not always distributed to the entire army. For…

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Training For An Automated Workforce

Training for an Automated Workforce

How Will Companies Adjust as More Jobs Become Obsolete? With any form of major technological advancement, jobs are both created and destroyed. The breakneck speed of advancement in automation and artificial intelligence is no exception. We are, perhaps, on the…

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Catalyst Gets A Makeover.

Catalyst Gets a Makeover.

You might have noticed Catalyst has an all-new look and feel. While the software itself still offers the same functions and navigation as before, we’ve updated our logo, font, color scheme and website to more closely align with our vision…

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